Moldova – Luxembourg Prediction (2018-11-18)

Moldova – Luxembourg Prediction (2018-11-18)

Moldova – Luxembourg : Preview & Prediction

Luxembourg will seek the victory in Moldova and will have to count on a misstep from Belarus to San Marino to qualify for the next round. Luxembourg, which is only 2 points from first place, missed the boat in its double lost against Belarus (0-1 and 0-2) because the other three results are positive with success against Moldova (4-0) and ahead of San Marino (3-0 and 3-0). These two setbacks therefore hurt a Luxembourg team that was ambitious in this group. Moldova can also qualify if it beats Luxembourg and Belorussia bows to San Marino … In other words, mission almost impossible! Moldova, however, managed the feat of hanging Belarus in its dual opposition (0-0 and 0-0) and struggling to beat San Marino (2-0 and 1-0) but this heavy setback in Luxembourg in Start of competition is a hard burden to wear!

Luxembourg is undefeated against Moldova since 4 games (1 win and 3 draws).

Luxembourg had squandered Moldova in the first leg on the score of 4 goals to 0!

Luxembourg has 4 successes in its last 6 matches.

Moldova is undefeated for 4 games (2 wins and 2 draws).

Luxembourg has the best attack of the group (10 goals) and a better defense than Moldova (3 goals conceded against 4).

A big winner in the first leg (4-0), Luxembourg needs a new victory to always hope to qualify … and pray for a Belarusian misstep in San Marino.

Moldova – Luxembourg : Betting Tips

Luxembourg – Win Odds: 3.25
Both teams to score / YES – Odds: 1.70
Over 2.5 Goals – Odds: 1.70