Örebro – Hammarby: Preview & Prediction

A classic midfielder is what awaits. Glapped up to the top three, or four, certainly does not seem to be able to retrieve the paper – but there are no places to be included and tampered with. In front of the match, ÖSK tia is in the table, Hammarby eleven – though in an extremely tight layer of the table.

The Örebro group and fans have received a sad message this week – that the renowned coach Alexander Axén leaves the club at the end of the year. What is their reaction to it, do they sack or stretch their backs?

Defense defender Michael Almebäck is not yet ready for his comeback after injury. The big line of defense line.

If you ignore it, it is a good-looking ÖSK that comes to play, with several great achievements and results in your luggage. You turned and won over Jönköping South last and it was the fifth straight match without loss – 2-3-0 in the line. Several tough matches played during that period.

Greater storm clouds are found over Hammarby’s form. Before the Swedish Cup victory over the Acropolis, housed in the third division, was of course a little joy message – but with the punching record recorded in the last three Swedish games, it’s hard not to talk about a deeper sweat. Even worse, it has to be felt by releasing 2-2 in the home game against a b-stressed Östersund last.
6/7 last over 2.5 goals – for both parties

When Örebro is one half of a football game, especially at the Behrn Arena, you can expect it to be entertaining. They have an offensive game style and tend to beat the defense game. Extremely rarely keeps the sheets dry.

The entire 6/7 most recent race match matches for Örebro have passed the 2.5-goal line. The statistics are exactly the same for Hammarby. Also, do not forget that Almebäck is missing here.

A little same style, it is over Hammarby, which has problems with the defense game. Their matches often have several different faces; With dazzling assault games, both when the dances change and the offensive has strengthened during the transfer period. But it sways backwards.

Muamer Tankovic, who has been superb in the U21 national team, is a player who will be still interesting to watch and potential seems to be also in the Norwegian attack Sander Svendsen.

It will usually be a goal when Örebro and Hammarby measure the forces and this year’s reverse meeting ended 3-1. Targeting again?

Örebro – Hammarby: Betting Tips

Orebro win – Odds: 2.30
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.70