SC Paderborn 07 – FC St. Pauli: Preview & Prediction

SC Paderborn

The crash of the SC Paderborn a few years ago unfortunately was of an unprecedented negative kind. Within a very short time one had to accept the relegation from the 1. and 2. Bundesliga and since then its spurs in league three. The return to the “Concert of the Great” in the DFB Cup can therefore be safely referred to as “Game of the Year” for the SC. And it does not seem unlikely that a surprise will come on Monday. Because Paderborn is almost perfect in the new season of the 3rd league, is currently at the table top and thus makes its claims on the rise clear. 10 points the team of Steffen Baumgart has already collected in four games, is therefore still without defeat. Paderborn also proved that they could deal with the double load of the league and trophy, only a few days ago, when one could also celebrate a confident 3-1 win against Prussia Münster in the Westfalen Cup. However, these English weeks against a stronger opponent as it is St. Pauli is then probably nevertheless to the boomerang. Nevertheless: If one has self-confidence, stress can be better processed. And this has Paderborn absolutely. For the only loss of points the Baumgart-team had to take on the very first match against the Hallescher FC. At that time there was a 4: 4 spectacle. After that they celebrated a 3: 2 home defeat against the Chemnitzer SC, a 2: 1 against last year’s Cup sporting friends Lotte and a 5-0 against the then still before the SC Sonnhof-Großaspach. In summary, Paderborn has increased from week to week and recently regained his defensive stability, while in the first weeks of the season, especially the defense had to worry about. In addition, coach Baumgart will be able to attack all the squad players on Monday with the exception of the injured Pascal Itter. Paderborn also has an extremely dangerous midfield or very dangerous giant players. Ben Zollinksi – a man for the right side – already cheered over five goals, his counterpart on the left hears the name Sven Michel and has already been successful three times. If you can join the performance against Großaspach, a lot is possible against a second league.

FC St. Pauli

First of all, you can start on Monday from an enormously exciting and close encounter. Because with the FC St. Pauli comes a team to Paderborn, whose season start was also not from bad parents. Neo coach Olaf Janßen seems to have used the preparation with his team perfectly. Lastly, they won 2-2 against Dynamo Dresden’s team. Previously, they defeated VFL Bochum away 0-1. That one the first and so far only success in the foreigner celebrated, should be before a duel against the last so strong Paderborn additionally. One is particularly glad at the Kiez probably, that one could meet in both seasons games, because in the pre-season, the offensive was not necessarily the greatest strength of the Hamburgers. However, while the scoring load was spread over several shoulders at the SC, a single man had been responsible for all the season tickets at FC St. Pauli. The talk is of playmaker Christopher Buchtmann, who was active in his youth even at Real Madrid. In St. Pauli, problems always arose in the play building. Especially against the VFL Bochum, it was actually the opponent, which found significantly more game parts. Nevertheless, St. Pauli tries with direct play, places little on ball possession, but rather on the fast bridging of the midfield and also gained a number of opportunities. It seems only a matter of time until the mid-strikers can also mark their hits. Also against Dresden one found in addition more possibilities than the opponent, whereby one knows that Dynamo likewise – here is the name program – a lot of dynamics radiate. But what is to be done is the concentration on the defensive. Because last weekend you had to take the equalizer after twice the lead. Duels with the SC Paderborn are, however, worried the responsible persons. From the last 10 direct duels, St. Pauli has won only one, but this victory has already been five years back.

SC Paderborn 07 – FC St. Pauli: Betting Tips

1x – Odds: 1.65
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.85