Poland U21 vs Sweden U21: Preview & Prediction

Premiere performance was very promising, but with a penalty in the final minutes, it’s still hard to feel joy, despite 0-0 against one of the championship’s foremost favorites, England, who also played at least evenly – if not even better.

That the performance would be so good was possibly a bit surprising, but the undersigned has been one of those who expressed that this Swedish U21 national team is hardly underestimated. Without a doubt, a title aspirant.

Great favorites at home, a better material and a 1-0 goal already in the first minute. Poland’s conditions could hardly be better than they were against Slovakia, but the lead dropped to a 1-2 loss and the disappointment was noticeable after the final signal. Really not as planned.

Now the press is not least big in Poland, but also Sweden. With only three games in the group play, the results need to be dotted and only one victory could be seen as satisfactory for the team. One small advantage is that England and Slovakia meet each other the hours before this match and that there are thus results to play.

Pawel Cibicki, who has chosen the Swedish national team before the Polish ditot and afterwards, has been grilling heavily in Polish media. How he will receive at Arena Lublin is not particularly difficult to predict. The more interesting question; How does he handle it?
Showed the class in the premiere

Should this match be in the premiere, my thoughts certainly had been completely different, but now there is not much to talk about the matter; Sweden will be favorites. Just big ones.

The message presented in the premiere was very positive and showed that Sweden can challenge the absolute best possible level. The outlook for the playoffs looks really bright and well there is the potential to go all the way, just like in the latest edition of the championship.

What Poland showed up in the premiere was less convincing; To lose the match in the way they did – against an opponent whose material at its height can be regarded as mediocre, in addition at home.

Sweden has been sent as scarce favorites by the gaming companies – but should they not be bigger than those? Hard to see otherwise after the team’s premiere matches …

The straight two is played at 2.70 x sauce at Bethard. The limit for games puts me around 30 points down.

Poland U21 vs Sweden U21: Direct Matches

08.09.15 FI Poland U21 Sweden U21 0 : 0
12.10.13 EUR Poland U21 Sweden U21 2 : 0
06.09.13 EUR Sweden U21 Poland U21 3 : 1
05.06.09 FI Sweden U21 Poland U21 2 : 1
09.09.03 EUR Poland U21 Sweden U21 1 : 1

Poland U21 vs Sweden U21: Betting Tips

1X – Odds: 1.60
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 2.10