In the English Championship, the second highest league in England, Reading and the Queens Park Rangers – or QPR for short – will be playing on the 26th day. While the householders want to score three points and thus the first two places in attack, the guests want the Sieges-Hattrick in the league, in order to get further air down.


FC Reading are currently ranked third in the Championship. This place means at the end a detention in the fight for the ascent, because only the first two of the table go directly into the lucrative Premier League, while the teams on the places three to six among themselves the third ascendant. The gap in number one for Reading is eight points. Second place, with six points behind, is more within reach, especially since Reading also has a game less than the Second Newcastle United. Brighton & Hove Albion at Tabellenspitze also has a game less than pursuer Newcastle or as many as Reading. The last season ended Reading in a weak seventeenth place. In this season, the club has the great opportunity to return to the Belle floor of English football. A victory against QPR would certainly not be wrong. His last three games in the championship were also to win over Reading. Looking at the home games, Reading won his last five games. With an 8-3-1 home goal and 20: 9 goals Reading is also the second best home team. The club played in the Premier League in the 2012/2013 season and then rose as a penultimate winner – together with QPR, who were last. While the upcoming opponents have been re-awakened and relegated, Reading has been playing in the Championship since then.


That QPR rises again this season, is actually excluded at this time. The club has to orient itself more downwards and beware that he will not be in the next season again in the third class. At the moment, QPR is still ranked seventeen, but only five points ahead of the relegation points. And that’s only because QPR won the last two games. Just in time for the last day of 2016, the team won 2-1 at the Wolverhampton Wanderers, with QPR losing the six Ligaspielees before losing only one goal. With the success at the end of the year, something like a turnaround could have opened, as only two days later, on 2 January 2017, QPR also won the home game against Ipswich Town 2-1. Both against the Wolves as well as against Ipswich the 2: 1-winner met late each, namely in the 87th and 83rd Minute. Now the Queens Park Rangers want the third Ligadreier in a row and even further from the relegation. Away, QPR has a solid 4-2-6 record at 12:17 goals. Whether QPR because at the home of Reading FC can get something? The first leg ended with a 1-1 draw.

Reading – QPR, Tip & Conclusion – 12.01.2017

On the last weekend Reading was able to sniff Premier League air. At Manchester United’s Old Trafford, the team had to compete in the FA Cup but lost 4-0. Only a few hours later, QPR lost the FA Cup game. With Ligakonkurrent Blackburn Rovers, who are currently on a descent, the Rangers had the easier task. Despite the home advantage, QPR lost 1: 2. Now, however, the team can concentrate fully on the championship and the class salary. In the betting companies, however, Reading is the favorite. Bets on homeowners bring odds of up to 1.95, while there is a tip on away win bets of about 4.50.

I personally expect a balanced game. Even the first leg ended with a draw. Both teams were in the league last in the uplift and above all QPR must continue to score points to stand out from the competition. Reading on the other hand wants to win, so as to put pressure on Newcastle. I therefore expect a tight, but also lively game. A 2: 1 win for one of the two teams seems most likely. And that then calls for betting on at least three goals on the plan to make strong odds. For whoever chooses to score a minimum of three goals, he will receive bets of up to 2.00.


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