Red Star vs Amiens: Preview & Prediction

Fellow French Ligue 2 contestants will be fighting this week as Amiens SC departs for Stade Jean Bouin. They challenge Red Star in a test match held Friday (7/7) night at 11 pm.

The host closed the competition badly. A 1-0 defeat at Auxerre made the victory never alight in the last 4 matches, half of them even closed with defeat. Different with Amiens who wiped out the final 6 games after winning 1-2 in Reims. The team finished in a runner-up with a margin of 1 point from the champion, while Red Star decayed in the second worst spot.

Amiens predicted would win easily as yesterday. Results in Reims make them pocketed 7 goals and 9 points in 3 away games. Compare with Reda Star who had lost 3 times in Bouin before winning 4-1 over Bourg en Bresse Peronnas then series 1-1 with Sochaux.

Amiens lead 0-1 in the second round in Bouin, making them win half of 6 matches in various events.

Red Star vs Amiens: Direct Matches

17.03.17 L2 Red Star Amiens 0 : 1
24.10.16 L2 Amiens Red Star 0 : 0
22.05.15 NAT Red Star Amiens 3 : 3
08.08.14 NAT Amiens Red Star 3 : 1
07.03.14 NAT Amiens Red Star 2 : 0

Red Star vs Amiens: Betting Tips

Red Star win – Odds: 1.90
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.85