Rochdale AFC vs. Coventry City: Preview & Prediction

England, 3rd league

With the exceptionally hard-fought 1-0 at the Bury descent (not yet relegated to the 20th), Rochdale continued to have the chance to participate in the playoffs. 3 points are still left behind to catch up. The victory, however, was more than happy to name, but the 3 points count. With the 18-10-15 overall rank, Rochdale is ranked 8th and thus the playoffs are still to be reached, here a few thousand cards in the Crown Oil Arena are discounted to families. Where Rochdale is undefeated with the 12-6-3 seven home games, but only won 2 times and played 5 times.

Coventry Gruselsaison ends with the first-time descent after 58 years in the fourth class. The 1-1 last against Charlton was not enough, with only 3 games and 10 points behind the save shore, it was with the L1. The rebirth with the 4-1-1 series from the last 6 games came too late, much too late even. The many plastic pigs who threw the supporters on the playing field did not benefit from this. Nevertheless, the majority of the team will stay together to go back and hang back immediately, not least after the last good results and the Ligatrophy, the Ligapokal of the 3rd and 4th league. This did not save the bogged season, but it was made more tolerable. In the first game it worked for Coventry with a 2-0 good and so outstanding Rochdale, who are under pressure to win, also not at all.

Rochdale AFC vs. Coventry City: Direct Matches

22.10.16 LO Coventry Rochdale 2 : 0
05.03.16 LO Coventry Rochdale 0 : 1
20.10.15 LO Rochdale Coventry 0 : 0
11.08.15 EFL Rochdale Coventry 2 : 1 (1 : 1)
31.01.15 LO Coventry Rochdale 2 : 2

Rochdale AFC vs. Coventry City: Betting Tips

Rochdale win – Odds: 1.50
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.75