Romania – Kazakhstan: Preview & Prediction

The Ploieşti region will host the tournament, which will bring Romania and Kazakhstan together. The encounter with code 771 will start at exactly 21:45 Turkey time. The benchmark is 1.10 for Romania, 5.50 for co-op and 10.00 for Kazakhstan. On the other hand, in the popular foreign betting sites like Bets10, the Romanian win has been approx.


The Romanian national team does not settle. The bill for the long-lousy, lousy team was cut off as expected, coach C. Daum. Rumor had it that Daum was fit for sporting success in this tournament, rather than a long-term plan. Unfortunately, those who think Daum’s experience will make him feel immediately in the team were mistaken. The German teacher, who could only have 10 games at the beginning of the team, could see only 3 wins in the process. Even worse, the actors did not want Daum much, and the process of firing accelerated. Daum’s place was filled with former national player Contra. The contra nominee cast is quite interesting and called young names. Apparently the federation is planning to do what they do not do with Daum with Contra. This tournament is now out of sight. Contra, who has already started his preparations for 2020, has invited Balasa, Bancu and Lonita from the league young players to the national team. 3 players will taste this excitement for the first time. Especially in Astra this season, Lonita doing good work, is named as one of the names that create excitement on behalf of the national team. Romania is in the 4th place with 9 points in the group. I think the Montenegro match is a last glory for them. As a matter of fact, the game is lost by playing bad and unfortunately the big tournament hopes postponed another bet.

The Kazakhstan team can not escape the trap that they have in mind. They show a little improvement as a national team, they will experience the excitement of being out of the group with a lucky streak, maybe even from afar, but the situation is again completely frustrated. For example, the development of Iceland or Azerbaijan soccer has not been able to show their progress on the national team basis. Especially they are one of the worst teams of the displacements. Kazakhstan, who can only score 2 points at the end of 8 matches, is having a hard time scoring goals. The team, which has scored a single goal in the last 4 games, is seen as a team with 3 points of cepte. The most notable achievements are the ties between teams like Romania and Poland. Already these 2 games are played inside. They are more resistant to their own fields. The budget of the team is almost 1 in 10 of Romania. Astana and Kairat are the main backbone of the national team. Khizhnichenko, who plays in the Belarus League, is the only player to play outside the country.


The renewed Romanian national team is in prestige match; but he will still get support from his supporters. Contra’s first game is likely to start fast. I say that Romania will find the goal against Kazakhstan in the first half of the bad team of away games.

Romania – Kazakhstan: Betting Tips

Romania win – Odds: 1.25
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.85