Russia – Slovenia – Russians at this championship came from the old guard and the goal was of course at all costs to get at least to the knockout stages, although certainly want more. Slovenians are not suspected in the next round and they have higher ambitions, although they were before the championship shook problems with injuries. In the group stage, Russia has played a modest and typed three victories they had to, against Japan to be expected against the Polish under the imperative and then with the problems were better than Brazil.

Slovenians are furiously started with three wins, and then draw with Tunisia and a heavy defeat by Spain. Enough for second place, while the Russians were third in their group. The last clash in major competitions are the two selection had in the quarter-finals of 2013 World Cup in Spain and then Slovenia won 28-27 for their greatest success and a place in the semi-finals, so that Russians now have a special motive.


Old Russian Guard has managed to achieve the first objective, although it was not easy, and in fact can be happy because Poland got decimated, but not the Brazilians were not complete and in good rhythm, because otherwise all was questionable. Japan was not a problem, however, but Norway has revealed a number of weaknesses in the selection of Russia, and there are smooth defeated. He followed the decisive match against Poland and that they could not go wrong. We played with good, particularly in the defense and the small number of goals celebrated 24:20. This opened the door knockout stages, although after that severely damaged against France with even 35:24.

She stayed in the last round match against Brazil for better placement and defeated 28-24, and so finished as the third. She was also the match equal to ten minutes before the end and then they broke in his favor. Selector Torgovanov rested some players, such as Gorboka or Dibirova, but it is important to say that no other external medium Atman who is hurt and jumped into the villages to make it outside and will now great responsibility fall on Zhitnik. It is difficult to single out anyone in particular, but Shelmenko the right external game very much and spent, which also can be a problem.

Probable lineups Russia: Bogdanov, Dibirov, Gorbok, Zhitnikov, Shelmenko, Shishkarev, Chipurin


Slovenia began the championship in style. Angola are expected easily mastered, then won the Island, though with certain problems and minimal, although they had control of the game in its finish. In the third round of the best parties and easy victory over Macedonia, and then the problems begin. Everything seemed fairly two-thirds of the match against Tunisia, then fell to the opponent has escaped five differences. In a crazy finish the right series of 5: 0, leave the opponent with no goals five minutes and save a point, which I had so much value, because they are already in the final round of play against Spain in the first place. Lots are expected from this game because they are against this strong rivals perfectly played the previous two mutual duel.

In the first five minutes of a great defense, the rival without goals, and then slowly begins to decline, which culminated in the end of the first section and the beginning of the second, when the opponent with a series of 9: 1, says a huge advantage. By the end they never recovered and lost 36:26. Defeat is painful but not that important, unless they mentally not completely out of rhythm. Not too much difference to play against Russia or Brazil and all anyway to Slovenes, who have to find the game in the duel against Macedonia. It can be said that all individually oscillate, but somehow most proven goalie jump and the right side of the attack Kavtičnik and Marguc.

Probable lineups Slovenia: Jump, Cingesar, Mačkovšek, Arabian, Kavtičnik, Marguc, Blagotinšek

Russia – Slovenia PREDICTION

The Russians have so far won only in matches in which they were favorites and the elderly selection is probably already tired, and they come and injury. Slovenia has shown more, with what are they totally failed in the last round of the group stage. Definitely can do much better and we expect here to demonstrate these elections quarter.

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