With the slogan of staying with the first place of the group, the Genk cast visits MAPEI Stadium -Citta del Tricolore in Reggio Emilia to face a Sassuolo who hopes to leave the tournament with a win.

Those headed by Eusebio Di Francesco started the season quite well, winning not only in Serie A but also in the UEFA Europa League, but the injuries played a very poor pass and thus entered a negative streak of results, where they added Nine games without being able to win what took to go to the bottom of the classification and to be eliminated of the Europa League.

To the happiness of his fans, last weekend they were able to break the long curse without winning and they beat Empoli 3-0 and are expected to start a new and better way from now on, unfortunately Di Francesco will still not be able to count on his Most important players like Domenico Berardi, Matteo Politano and Davide Biondini who are still injured.

For their part, those led by Peter Maes also does not come at a good time to this game, the Genk cast comes from losing for their last two league games against Oistende and Lokeren to get away from the title fight, but for happiness His followers, the Belgian team with first place in Group F, has already qualified for the 32nd round of the Europa League and now wants to seize the opportunity to stay with the first place in the group.

It is true that the current moment of these teams is different, but having nothing to fight in the European League, Di Francesco apparently is going to decide to make variants in this game, do not want more players injured and the mind is Putting in the last places in Serie A and more now visit a hard team like Fiorentina, so Genk has a great opportunity to get a victory that leaves them with the first place of the group, it is true that playing visit is not His strong, not for something has not lost his two games of the group, but here has a chance to claim.

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