Shanghai SIPG FC vs Hebei CFFC: Preview & Prediction

Shanghai is strong at home where the offensive players Hulk, Oscar and Elkeson are poisonous. Hebei striker Lavezzi seems harmless and their defensive is strong, but with so many offensive players there should be good chances for goals in Shanghai.

Therefore you have to play it

SIPG is strong at home, where they have won 3 wins in a row with 9 goals scored as a result.
SIPG has got their stars Hulk and Elkeson to deliver from start, together they have scored 7 goals in the first 5 matches.
Hebei has delivered as expected at the start, but Brazilian Aloisio has done well with three points.
Hebei is undefeated on away ground, but this is their first real test, as the other opponents were among the inferior last years.
Both teams have excellent offensive players who have a formidable goal nose. *

You must keep an eye on it

The Hebei defensive has been strong so far and you will probably be defensive against Oscar, Hulk and co.
Especially in the away team they have been very defensive and they can do well here again.
Hebei has still not got an attack on Lavezzi, he is still speechless this season.
None of the teams have any injuries.

Shanghai SIPG FC vs Hebei CFFC: Direct Matches

30.10.16 SL Shanghai SIPG Hebei 3 : 1
03.07.16 SL Hebei Shanghai SIPG 0 : 2

Shanghai SIPG FC vs Hebei CFFC: Betting Tips

Shanghai SIPG FC win – Odds: 1.50
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.70