Silkeborg vs Aarhus: Preview & Prediction


AGF is unstable as few. Now they played nice against AaB in the last game round, but do not necessarily mean that the curve has been turned over for them.
Silkeborg has every man ready as only Vendelbo has been doubtful until the match, while AGF usually has more doubtful players to the show.
Peter Sørensen is probably very keen on being the team that eliminates AGF. At the same time, Silkeborg is only a few points from advancing.
Silkeborg can afford to play pending. They are not forced to win, but can to a degree use a draw result.
The latest showdown ended 3-1 to Silkeborg, where AGF delivered a terrible effort.

It speaks for AGF:

The 4-0 win against AaB can give some morale. The team played well, was sharp in front of the box and won many of the duels. They were lit and ready.
AGF has the knife for the throat. Silkeborg can still secure enough points in the next match, but AGF must not lose if they want to avoid relegation matches.
That sharpness was there in the recent match is not quite bad. Duncan got the score, and he has to AGF get in if they win the remaining matches.
It may not be the worst for the AGF to be forced. They can play without thinking too much since only one victory can be used in this show.

Silkeborg vs Aarhus: Direct Matches

10.04.17 SL Aarhus Silkeborg 1 : 3
04.11.16 SL Aarhus Silkeborg 0 : 0
17.09.16 SL Silkeborg Aarhus 1 : 0
22.09.15 CUP Silkeborg Aarhus 0 : 1
12.04.13 SL Silkeborg Aarhus 3 : 1

Silkeborg vs Aarhus: Betting Tips

Silkeborg win – Odds: 1.55
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.90