Slovakia U21 vs England U21: Preview & Prediction

It was only a draw and was extremely close to being a loss for England in the premiership match against Sweden, but it was rescued by Linus Wahlquist missing the opportunity to crack the matchnollan from eleven meters in the final run. 0-0 thus scored the result, after which it is still a pressed England that comes to play.

The group’s only win in the first round was attributed to Slovakia, after scaling big against the host nation Poland. Is it possibly underestimation that prevails? It was extra strong to win because the team ended up uphill after about 50 seconds of play. 0-1 was 2-1 and now the playoffs suddenly look great for the Slovaks.

It’s also a bit of charm with such short tournaments; That the peels can penetrate to a greater extent. Remaining to see if it is enough until the final play or not for Slovakia.
Clearly better – players for players

The performance that England had in the premiere was clearly more to be desired. They did not get it right and in 90 minutes I think they were the snap worse party – as great favorites in advance.

England has a story of disappointing championship and it is clear that warning signs have been raised now. However, the difference is that big player for players that 1.80x is motivated to invest in for the straight profit, I do not hesitate for a second.

Looking at the Slovak premiere, they were also released a little in the wake of Poland’s leadership ball. The opponents ended up on the heels and my opinion remains; Much will be for Slovakia to reach the final game, the head start despite. Seeing them as clearly the worst of the nations in the group.

With the knife against the throat, draw is not enough for England in this match. The cross feels right away – and we play the straight two to 1.80 times the dough at William Hill. Risk of drip?

Slovakia U21 vs England U21: Direct Matches

10.06.03 EUR England U21 Slovakia U21 2 : 0
11.10.02 EUR Slovakia U21 England U21 0 : 4
01.06.00 EUR England U21 Slovakia U21 0 : 2

Slovakia U21 vs England U21: Betting Tips

England U21 win – Odds: 1.75
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 2.00