A game of L2 club Sochaux (eliminated Marseille) might well tempt: Large Club Monaco has some injury doubt, a Friday battle in the legs and welcomes hardly cold. But Sochaux has also weakened, especially in midfield. Where is the value?


Sochaux ended 2016 with 4-2-0 (8-3). Including 1-1 at home, followed by straffesparkskonk victory against L1-club Marseille in the eighth-finals.
Also last season excelled Sochaux in trophy context: reaching the semifinals of the Coupe from France Udslog three L1 clubs along the way (including Monaco).
It’s cold in the northeast French Sochaux – enough about 0 degrees Tuesday night. Hardly something hats Mediterranean boys from Monaco.
Monaco has a Friday battle in the legs – a 1/32-final against L2 club Ajaccio. Monaco won also only 2-1 despite home.
Monaco must (as Friday) without Mendy because of quarantine. Doubt left Lemar and def-man midfield Bakayoko due to damage (missing Friday).
Gone is still Monaco-edge successor Dirar and midfielder replaces Traoré (they are CAN).
Monaco will run turnover? Perhaps. Friday Match in the legs and Sunday important league game against Marseille (Sochaux player first Monday).
Monaco is not unbeatable – it turned Lyon by victories in the principality 18 December (though quite fortunate).


Monaco is No. 2 in Ligue 1 Sochaux plays in the second division (the number 5).
Monaco has a Friday battle in the legs – but on the other hand, the team then begun with 2017. Have Sochaux got knocked julerusten of?
Monaco saved the first keeper Subasic and attack / second top scorer Germain (shift in) Friday. Besides: The central defender Glik back after suspension.
Large Club Monaco has a full squad. See eg 7-0 victory over Rennes in the League Cup 14/12 which was equivalent to about 7 reserves.
Monaco showed exuberant play in the latter part of 2016. dec: 4 victories (+ matter loss in Leverkusen + an unfortunate ditto against Lyon). Goalscorer 19-7.
Sochaux center-half Teikeu taken to CAN (in return colleague Gibaud, absence against Marseille, back).
Two other new Sochaux-absence: Midfielder People Fuchs and Tardieu. Thus missing Sochaux 3 starters from Marseille game.
Sochaux are still missing goalkeeper Werner (but replaces Prévot has only closed 13 goals in 18 matches) and midfield man Martin (since 3/10).

Our prediction:

Monaco to win

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