On Monday evening at 20:15 hrs VfB Stuttgart receives the Fortuna from Düsseldorf to the top of the second Bundesliga! Stuttgart is on course and could take the table lead with a draw after the pats of Braunschweig and Hannover. Against Dusseldorf, however, Stuttgart wants to win the victory!

VfB Stuttgart

Stuttgart surged in the last year surprisingly, but consistently and is in the reconstruction mode. At the moment, the team has been able to score an 11-2-5 record at 31-21 goals, so the team stands at 35 points. After the winter break there was a 1-0 away win at FC St. Pauli on the first day of the season. In the 84th minute, Mane ensured the flattering success of the last. The VfB have a solid 6-0-2 record and 18-8 goals. The last home game against opponent Hannover went down with 1-2 on December 12th. Terrode (11 goals), Mane (5 goals) and Gentner (5 goals) are to lead Stuttgart back into the first league. With a home win on the 19th day, at least the table lead would be recaptured, but even a draw would be enough.


The Fortuna is now tenth in the second division. With 25 points from the first round, you have not really been disappointed, but the last determination is lacking in order to join in the ascent. Currently the club has 10 points behind the relegation places. With a victory in Stuttgart one could significantly reduce this residue. The 6-7-5 record at 20-19 goals shows that although Fortuna Düsseldorf has difficulties in winning, in itself is a team, which is difficult to beat. In the distance, Düsseldorf can also look back on a solid 3-4-2 score at 8-7 goals. Hennings (5 goals) and Bebou (4 goals) are the top scorers of the team. The offensive power is really not, but the team in Stuttgart will probably want to find the fight in the match.

VfB Stuttgart – Düsseldorf, Tipp & Conclusion – 06.02.2017

The first leg won Dusseldorf at home with 1-0, now it goes to Stuttgart. Both teams are defensively tidy but offensive, but especially the Fortuna has remained somewhat pale this year. We do not expect many goals in this game.

Our prediction:

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