Switzerland – Andorra: Preview & Prediction

In the first round of Group B, the leaders of the group and fifth, Switzerland and Andorra, are on the final day for the Andorran who, if they lose,

practically have no mathematical ability to achieve a possible qualification (although it is known that this will not happen, with all respect for their team) while in the case of the Swiss, in case of no victory,
they will be able to see Portugal approaching the leaders of this group B. In the previous meeting between both teams, the Swiss won in Andorra by 1-2, in a poor departure by the outsiders and with a tangential victory.

As you may have noticed, Switzerland do not have the potential of the Portuguese team, but rather a group of well-worked players by Petkovic and who form a good mix of individual personalities, giving rise to a good set and thus,

having managed to carry out an interesting campaign in this qualifying phase, winning all matches, but not having played games to fill the eye there (and example was the match held in Andorra). However, they remain at the top of this group B.

On the side of the Andorran, the team has shown several improvements over the last few matches, showing not to be a team as easily beating as it was a few years ago (and was already in this qualifying until, at the hands of Hungary and Portugal ),

as demonstrated by the game I mentioned above, being, nevertheless, a team with many disabilities and weaknesses at various levels and having a lot of work to do in the coming years to improve their level of play and ability to face other selections of higher level.

Switzerland have not been fascinated by the recent results and even exhibitions (in a group with the Faroe Islands, Andorra and Latvia, it is strange that they only scored 12 goals in 6 matches, in a way).

having difficulty hitting smaller teams (never winning by a margin over two goals), even playing on his ground.

Against an Andorra that shows signs of improving their playing ability and the other facts that I pointed out, I do not see a game of thrashing, but a shorter victory by the Swiss (possibly 2-0 or 3-0).

Switzerland – Andorra: Betting Tips

Switzerland -4 AH – Odds: 1.70
Over 4,5 goals – Odds: 1.80