Syrianska vs Frej: Preview & Prediction

The Superettan rolls in regular order during the national team break, which means a break in Allsvenskan, and in the anxiety-dripping bottom battle it is still tight.

Happy news is that TV4 Sport broadcasts from Södertälje Fotbollsarena. It starts at 18:00; Guarded before, during and after the match.

Between Syrianska, on thirteenth and thus one of the qualifying places downwards, and next to Frej there are only three sticks, whereupon the weight of the match increases significantly. It’s about avoiding some deeper dots and getting some kind of regularity in the score – otherwise you may get stuck in the bottom line chains when the table is pulled apart.

A slight shock, however, is not that Syrianska and Frej are just in this table layer and rage, but rather just as expected. The team does not hold a better class than this, it is obvious.
Plus play on Frej

Yes, yes. The team is young and talented, but absolutely no further Superette class – just as the table suggests.

However, they come from a great performance and much needed victory when Falkenberg scored 2-0 just one week ago, which could give a little new boost and boost for the morale after nine win-free matches after each other.

The undersigned is a little bit that they can ride on that scale – now, it will be left to see if there is anyone – against a close to equally bad, shaky and faint Syrianska at the Södertälje Football Arena. The underlying factor that the match is played on plastic also means that the home / away benefit benefit is to some extent erased.

Syrianska has internal problems between certain supporter teams and management, which should be able to reflect on the players. Easily hit the focus being missed. A factor that surely should not be exaggerated, but still worth mentioning.

The game schedule has not been the easiest for Syrianska lately, but the feeling is not particularly positive when there has been more, much more, to wish for purely gaming. The team now comes from a 1-1 cross away to Norrby, which one can not be completely satisfied with. Even less when you took the lead early in the match.

Good scallops prevail, whereupon we play Frej with 0.75 goals (Asian handicap) to 1.93 times the dough at Bethard. This means that we will get half the bet if they lose with the goalkeeper, that the game is at the cross or missed out and a complete loss if Syrians pick it home with two goals or more.

Syrianska vs Frej: Direct Matches

23.07.16 SUP Syrianska Frej 2 : 2
02.07.16 SUP Frej Syrianska 1 : 1
27.09.15 SUP Frej Syrianska 2 : 1
20.05.15 SUP Syrianska Frej 3 : 1

Syrianska vs Frej: Betting Tips

Syrianska WIN – Odds: 1.80
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.80