Telstar after a frivolous season starts to wind down in the rankings. calculated the last three matches were lost and then it revived Cambuur visit. The Leeuwarders just won the last three games and can be a new victory to make a leap in the rankings. Velsen Aren be the next victim of Hulshoff and Slot?
Telstar: No profit in difficult series
Telstar has not kept outcome of the visit to Amsterdam. County Associate hit Ajax in the final minutes before the break twice and knew Telstar in the second half not to knit more right, despite Denis Mahmudov had provided after the break for a quick tying goal. Telstar is in terms of results in a lower stage, but given the opposition is not surprising again. Since October they played six league games against teams from the purely left-hand row. Moreover, it was not easy the last weeks before the Velsen Egyptians. At MVV they only lost in the final stage were a point against Almere City and they are actually the whole game the better team, but they gave in the last quarter a 3-2 lead hands. With Cambuur-home on Monday and tourist on Friday Telstar has not yet got rid of the strong opponents.
Coach Michel Vonk saw a strong start, which Liban Abdulahi should have scored. “But then we fell back considerably, even level. We were played off too easily, we did not win duels, there was little struggle and the goals were again easily, “the coach summed up. “It was better than that in the second half. Unfortunately we could not attack so much more, because there are two guys fell out. This limits you in your exchange facility. We still had a chance at 2-2, but it could have been 6-1, because you give away so much space to achieve a result, “said Vonk, who was referring to the injuries of Toine van Huizen and Jordy Tutu Arima . Mahmudov also got injured yet, but when the coach had changed three times.
All in all it is not too bad. At the start of the competition was the injury load much greater. In Amsterdam alone Stefano Lilipaly missing because of international obligations with Indonesia. Thanks to a goal from Indonesia Lilipaly goes through to the next round, and he lacks a little longer. Mohammed Ajnane was for some time suspended disciplinary, because he was too little commitment to the training. Now he is again taken into favor, but he still has a conditional backlog. It remains to be seen whether Van Huizen and Tutu Arima start Monday.
Probable lineup Telstar:
Zonneveld; Van den Houten, Ottenhoff, Van Berkel, Tutu Arima; Van den Broek, Yamazaki, Zamouri; Abdulahi, Mahmudov, Serrarens
Injured players:
-Mohammed Ajnane (not match fit)
Doubtful cases:
-Toine Houses (back)
-Jordy Tutu Arima (knee)

The transformation Cambuur has made in a short time is remarkable. The current trainers Sipke Hulshoff and Arne Slot were indeed all assistants Rob Maas, so you would expect that they would be reasonably aligned left with the head coach. But where races were boring Maas, said many of possession to few chances created, there are particularly home games Cambuur now energized and there are plenty of opportunities. The coaching duo has the support of putting the results because the Leeuwarders steps in the ranking by four wins from five games. Last Friday triumphed Cambuur in the match against NAC. In a similar first half it was 1-1 at halftime. In a four-minute period Cambuur managed to decide the game in the second half.
Sander Zone scored his second of the game and eighth of the season. The midfielder was stationed in rush through the new trainers because Martijn Barto and Michiel Hemmen failed. This he proved an inspired, because in five games scored six times, which he even once as a substitute came in the field. What is also striking is that Jerg√© Hoefdraad on Friday its tenth assists (!) Gave the season. On the other hand, he did manage to score only twice, which is on the low side for a striker who played every game so far. Hoefdraad: “Everything now fits. Streekie, which has a chance of a chance. We have not really had many chances but scored well in important moments. I am pleased that we can again play Monday because we’re really in a flow. ”
In away matches Cambuur uses a 5-3-2 formation, which simply comes down to the left winger makes way for a left back. Xander Houtkoop will play Monday at that position, leaving Tyrone Conraad again moves to the bench. Furthermore Omar El Baad play because of the injury Chiro N’toko and Gino Bosz gets after his great raid innings against Emmen NAC preferable Noureddine Boutzamar as a defensive midfielder.
Probable lineup Cambuur:
Zeinstra; Deelen, El Baad, Painter, Peersman, Houtkoop; Monteiro, Baker, Warbler; Hoefdraad, The Zone
Injured players:
-Chiro N’toko (hamstring)
-Raymond Gyasi
-Matthew Steenvoorden

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