FC Turin

Until just a few weeks ago, FC Turin had only three season finals to play, but they won three times between the days 11 and 14 and also recorded a draw. What followed then was a powerful slump. Because the Turiners lost the last three championship matches, they were anything but a good figure, especially in the defensive. The team of Sinisa Mihajlovic had to take ten contenders in the last three rounds. By way of comparison, in the 14 games before it was only four loss matches, which one had to plug in. Offensive, the team can be blamed very little. Torino scored three goals, but lost 3: 5. In the 2016/2017 season, the Mihajlovic team did not score a goal in just three games, one of which was lost, but otherwise a goalless draw. It is quite possible that the offensive game system – the longer a season lasts – is more susceptible to many contenders. Turin are traditionally involved in a 4-3-3 system, which of course poses a certain risk, especially against strong teams such as Naples. With all the negative results of the last few weeks, however, you should not ignore two things. First: Turin have still had a defeat in front of their home crowd, the latter against Juventus on the 16th day. Second, two of the three defeats last were drawn against teams from the current top-3 of the league. It is therefore quite possible that Turin will be able to return to the Siegerstraße against “weaker” teams.

FC Genoa

FC Genoa currently have similar problems as the opponents from Turin. After all, Ivan Juric’s team also failed to win three times in a row. The top of the negative series was the 3: 4 defeat last weekend against the then final light from Palermo. Before that they lost the duel with Inter Milan (0: 2) and did not get a goalless draw against Chievo Verona. In doing so, the balance sheets of the Juric-Elf read in many respects not badly. 21 hits in 17 games are not too weak, you also have to accept as many contenders, which is just as expandable, but not too weak. Genoa has problems – and this is not going to be too much hope before Thursday, especially in away games. Because in eight matches so far, five defeats were lost. Although two victories were celebrated, the last of these dates, however, from the beginning of October this year (1: 0 against Bologna). The 3: 1 sensation against the league leaders Juventus Turin showed how the team can perform. In summary, there is no pattern, no constancy in the performances of FC Genoa, on good days you beat the leader, on bad days you lose to the final light. To work it is self-speaking on the defensive, which was stable at the start of the season, but in the last two games, but also six contenders had to accept. Renounce the Juric elite to Mattia Perin. The home goalkeeper saw the red card against Palermo and was therefore able to leave the winter break early. With Leonardo Pavoletti another important player is injured.
Betting forecast

The wonders of Genoa can cause problems for every opponent on a good day. The same applies probably also for the FC Turin. The home advantage is clear for the Mihajlovic elite, who – despite three defeats – still made a better figure than Genoa. Accordingly we reckon with a tight home win. Our tip: Tip 1.

Our prediction:

Torino to win
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