Tottenham fell to Manchester United 1-0 at the weekend, on Wednesday evening visiting Hull and Tottenham this should win quite comfortably enjoy it. Tottenham have a very strong defensive and at home have only conceded four goals seven games, additionally has won five of seven games, the other two have played a draw in. This fine statistics, making them one of the league’s strongest teams on home and this is something Hull should not be able to resist.

Hull ranks in the bottom of the table and will most likely to struggle throughout the season to remain in the top league. On away ground has only picked up on four points and scored five goals ahead, only two teams are worse. Last one was won in early November and since then has actually had a pretty easy schedule but still not managed to pick a trepoängare.

Tottenham are big favorites to three points in this match and will also most likely to win it, however, pay the straight one too little. Instead, I choose to pick out Tottenham as the winner but also that they manage to keep a clean sheet. Given that Hull did not do at all many goals ahead, is extremely weak form, while Tottenham have a very good back line, the game feels really good.

Our prediction:

over 2,5 goals
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