Viborg vs AaB: Preview & Prediction

It speaks for the game:

Viborg has once again found themselves after a period when they had major points and gambling problems.
The team seems to be full of confidence, and you can see that players are more likely to believe in things and play more freely.
The team must again have had a boost with a victory over Silkeborg in the away team this weekend, scoring late.
Viborg’s offensive players have raised their level compared to earlier in the season. Here, self-confidence plays back in.
AaB leader Rasmus Würtz was struck by a stretch during Saturday’s training. There will probably be a lot to make him ready for this match.
The North Jutland usually has major problems without Würtz. His playing and leadership qualities can not be replaced by people in the squad.
AaB has generally had major game problems in the relegation playoff. Lastly against AGF, nothing worked and 4-0 lost.

Keep an eye on:

Viborg may be forced to control the match, as AaB probably lives fine with a draw. It is not the Viborgens greatest strength.
Viborg gave several big chances away from changes to Silkeborg. You need better control of the rest defense.
Although the team’s game with the ball has improved with Alexander Jakobsen on the pitch, he does not have the same defensive qualities. It can be seen on the balance sheet.
AaB has the best team of the two, and can first get the game to flow, so they can deliver on a high level.
The North Jutland must be motivated to show that the 4-0 defeat against AGF is to be reclassified. It was a performance during the low goal.

Viborg vs AaB: Direct Matches

08.04.17 SL Aalborg Viborg 0 : 1
19.03.17 SL Viborg Aalborg 2 : 1
22.09.16 SL Aalborg Viborg 1 : 0
08.05.16 SL Viborg Aalborg 0 : 2
07.12.15 SL Aalborg Viborg 2 : 0

Viborg vs AaB: Betting Tips

X2 – Odds: 1.65
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 2.00