An entertaining match on Saturday will be played by Werder Bremen and Bayern Munich for a new date of the Bundesliga.


In my opinion, the Bavarian picture starts as a large favorite due to the difference of hierarchy between one set and another. For this reason and considering that the boys of Ancelotti always manage to score playing away from home, we advise you to play a few euros to the bet “Bayern Munich will score in the first half.” Remember that the Bayer’s offensive weight is tremendous, so play well or badly.

Take into account that Werder Bremen does not get well to this duel after losing 1-2 against Borussia Dortmund as a local, staying with 16 units in total. At the moment it is placed in the fifteenth position of the table, being to 3 of the zone of Promotion and to 4 of the descent. He has added only 2 units of the last 9 disputed.


On the other hand do not forget that the local box has not registered good numbers in its field, product of 3 triumphs, 1 tie and 5 falls (12 concrete targets and 15 received in their goal). Before falling to the boys of Tuchel, the team had won 2-1 to Ingolstadt and equaled 1-1 against Cologne.

Continuing with the analysis you must know that Bayern Munich comes from overcoming Freiburg as a visitor in the first game after the winter recess. He has added many victories in a row, reaching the 42 points in the general table. At the moment, it is surpassing by 3 to its escort Leipzig, rival that crushed 3-0 a month ago.

To finish we tell you that the Bavarians have recorded more than acceptable results playing away from home, except for the 1-0 loss to Borussia Dortmund at Signal Iduna Park. Of there, in more, it registered 6 triumphs and 1 equality. Before defeating Freiburg had defeated Mainz 1-3 and Darmstadt 0-1.


After reviewing the details of this comparison I play for the bet “Bayern Munich score in the first half” due to the following reasons: First because Bayern Munich is a compact and offensive by nature, being feasible to handle the ball during Much of the game. Secondly because the Bavarians are characterized by being lethal in attack, taking advantage very well the situations they generate. And third because Werder Bremen is not solid as a local, lacking in defensive solvency. Faced with this reality and knowing that the “green” box always yields goals in its field, we believe that the boys of Ancelotti can score 1 goal at least in the initial stage.

Our prediction:

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