In the Premier Conference in England, York is highly descended. Only the 23rd and penultimate place is currently for the team. A few weeks ago it looked even worse, with personnel reinforcements sore to some leih players is now tried until the end of the season to avoid the descent. Already the last few weeks have been very successful, in the last 11 games in 2 competitions York had only a defeat. York won 3 victories in the FA Trophy and is now in the fourth round. In the league there was the only defeat during the series, but also only 2 wins for it but 6 draws. Thus York has left the last table place, but thanks to the many draws (already 13 from 32 games with only 5 seasons) still 6 points behind a non-descent. In home games York won last 4 points out of 2 games, with 4 wins 5 defeats and 7 draws, but the balance is still negative.

Gateshead has always played series. Firstly there were 6 games without defeat (3 wins 3 draws), then again 5 games without victory (3 draws, 2 defeats), in the last 3 games turn again three victories. Gateshead has now returned to the field of playoffs as a tablekeeper, Gateshead has 4 points back on table place 6 before this catch-up game. In the area is also the away balance, which is rightly undefeated with 7 wins, 7 defeats and 2 draws.

In the first leg, Gateshead won with a superb second half of the game, 1: 1 to the break, 6: 1 against York. This time it would be more difficult, I would expect a more balanced part. Especially because York has improved.

Our prediction:

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