Zambia vs Mozambik: Preview & Prediction

Saturday (10/6) later qualifying group Afcon K group will be opened with a duel between Zambia vs Mozambique. Observing the history of the host match is more deserved champion because it is unbeaten.

Zambia is still testing jointly until November. They were not satisfied with the result at that time because it only won 0-1 from Uganda. In the same month, Mozambique invited South Africa in the same event. Score 1-1 in this match to make them never win in 5 games full.

FIFA records that Zambi is in the order of 99 FIFA, winning several numbers from Mozambique in the rankings 106. Swaziland and Namibia take turns trying out the host power and go home with the score 0-0 and 0-1. Bad reporter also received Mozambique, even worse for letting 4 hosts buy 7 goals without giving a reply.

The match 2 years ago ended 1-1 in Mozambique. Zambia is confident enough to face the event this time because it managed to win 3 times from 4 chances to host, booked 9 goals and replied once.

Zambia vs Mozambik: Direct Matches

25.10.15 ANC Mozambique Zambia 1 : 1
17.10.15 ANC Zambia Mozambique 3 : 0
15.11.14 ACN Mozambique Zambia 0 : 1
06.09.14 ACN Zambia Mozambique 0 : 0
14.07.13 COP Zambia Mozambique 3 : 1

Zambia vs Mozambik: Betting Tips

Zambia win – Odds: 1.50
Over 1,5 goals – Odds: 1.50