Zambia U20 vs Tyskland U20: Preview & Prediction

Germany had only 17 men in the 1st round. Was then reinforced markedly by two highs and headstroke, center defender Torunarigha and attacking Iyoha (* 1).
Germany should have won against Mexico, had the chances, and the defense – with Torunarigha – was solid (except in the air at some dead clubs).
With Iyoha from the start (finally), the Germans got a hole in the goalkeeper and won 3-2 against Vanuatu (after 3-0) despite various impressive rescues of the V goalkeeper.
Again, defense was generally solid. The 2 reduction goals: No. 1, overcrowded defense (repeatedly unsuccessful) followed by goalkeeper drop. No. 2, great free kick goal.
Apropos Torunarigha and Iyoha as well as defensive air safety against Mexico: The Zambians have not shown the headstroke, defensive or offensive.
Zambia was lucky to only collect 1 goal against Portugal. Deposit 2 goals (* 2) against Iran. Bought 2 sentences (* 3) and lost 0-1 against Costa Rica.
The Zambians have had less payback time – played Saturday (sure of 1st place but still struggled to win), Germany Friday.
It is played in the evening, local time. Good for the Germans, there is more energy than if played in the afternoon (as against Venezuela).

It is played in Seogwipo, where Zambia played its first two group matches, and Germany played its last group match.
The Zambians won Group C – won 2-1 over Portugal and 4-2 over Iran. Excellent and deserved comeback for Iranian 2-0 lead.
In the last match, Zambia hit the woodwork 2 times. Saved creator E. Banda in the 1st half. Defendant S. Sakala had quarantine.
Zambia won the African championships in March (at home) and 2 out of 3 matches in a tournament in South Korea later that month.
Germany has only won against Vanuatu who scored 2 (scored 2 against Mexico). Deserved loss against Venezuela and chance-winning 0-0 against Mexico.
The German squad is not impressive given the country’s great talent – only 4 are frequent starters in the Bundesliga.
Germany became only No. 5 in European qualification last year, even at home (and missing from then right wing Henrichs).
The German second-hand brother Brodersen (took over Reimann’s injury in 1st match) stood well against Mexico, but looked out at Vanuatus’s 1st goal.

Zambia U20 vs Tyskland U20: Betting Tips

Zambia U20 vs Tyskland U20: Direct Matches

X2 – Odds: 1.60
Over 2,5 goals – Odds: 1.85