San Marino – Russia Prediction (2019-11-19).

San Marino – Russia : Preview & Prediction Russia has been very strong during these qualifiers. After his good World Cup at home, the Russian selection has shown that it was not a fluke. Despite two defeats against Belgium, teammates Artem Dzyuba wo

Latvia – Austria Prediction (2019-11-19).

Latvia – Austria : Preview & Prediction Austria has met expectations during these qualifiers. Behind Poland, it is the Austrian selection that managed to compile his ticket for the Euro-2020. Having been able to win six of their last seven days, Dav

North Macedonia – Israel Prediction (2019-11-19).

North Macedonia – Israel : Preview & Prediction Macedonia is in fourth place in its pool. The Macedonians are also tied for points with fifth place in Israel. This is good as both teams compete on the final day of the playoffs. If Elif Elmas’

Scotland – Kazakhstan Prediction (2019-11-19).

Scotland – Kazakhstan : Preview & Prediction Scotland will never have been really in the game for the qualification. This hen has been largely dominated by Belgium and Russia. Especially since the Scots suffered five setbacks in just nine days. Desp

Belgium – Cyprus Prediction (2019-11-19).

Belgium – Cyprus : Preview & Prediction With Italy, Belgium is the second team to finish these qualifiers with only victories. Despite its qualification already acquired for the Euro-2020, the Belgian selection should play the blow thoroughly on thi

Netherlands – Estonia Prediction (2019-11-19).

Netherlands – Estonia : Preview & Prediction The Netherlands, 2 lengths from Germany, still has a slim chance to finish in first place. For that, it will be necessary to beat Estonia and to count on a draw or a defeat of Germany before Northern Irel

Slovakia – Azerbaijan Prediction (2019-11-19).

Slovakia – Azerbaijan : Preview & Prediction Slovakia will definitely take the opportunity because it is only 2 units from Hungary, 2nd, which goes to Wales at the same time. The Slovaks, who won 5 goals to 1 in Baku, should be able to sign a new bi

Wales – Hungary Prediction (2019-11-19).

Wales – Hungary : Preview & Prediction Wales has its destiny in hand … A victory over Hungary would open the doors of the Euro 2020, any other result would be synonymous with elimination for the partners of Gareth Bale. The Welsh, undefeated s

Malta – Norway Prediction (2019-11-18).

Malta – Norway : Preview & Prediction Norway has long been in the running for second place in this pool. In the first nine days, the Norwegians lost just one game on the pitch in Spain in the first match (2-1). Subsequently, Joshua King’s team

Greece – Finland Prediction (2019-11-18).

Greece – Finland : Preview & Prediction For the first time in its history, Finland will play the Euro. For this, teammates Teemu Pukki have secured their second place behind Italy. If there is still a day to play, the Finns will try to finish well.

Italy – Armenia Prediction (2019-11-18).

Italy – Armenia : Preview & Prediction Italy did not do things halfway through the playoffs. Despite their assured qualification several weeks ago, Roberto Mancini’s men have not dropped the pace. Squadra Azzurra went on to win a ninth consecu

Gibraltar – Switzerland Prediction (2019-11-18).

Gibraltar – Switzerland : Preview & Prediction Switzerland, 2nd attack of the pool (13 goals scored), has its destiny in hand and must defeat Gibraltar on his rock to compete in the next European Championship of Nations next year. Already easy winne

Sweden – Faroe Islands Prediction (2019-11-18).

Sweden – Faroe Islands : Preview & Prediction Sweden are qualified for the next European Nations Championship but will want to hit hard in their last match in these home preliminaries against the modest selection of the Faroe Islands swept to the fi

Spain – Romania Prediction (2019-11-18).

Spain – Romania : Preview & Prediction Spain, qualified and assured to be first, will want to finish in beauty these Eliminations against a Romanian selection already eliminated and defeated in the first leg (2-1) last June. La Roja is undefeated in

Argentina – Uruguay Prediction (2019-11-18).

Argentina – Uruguay : Preview & Prediction Since the last Copa America, Argentina seems to have found a new impetus. If the teammates of Lionel Messi have played five games since, they still have not lost a single match (three wins and two draws). R

Ireland – Denmark Prediction (2019-11-18).

Ireland – Denmark : Preview & Prediction It’s a match left or double in this poster … If Ireland wins it will be qualified for the next Euro, any other result would eliminate the selection of McCarthy. The Irish team, which beat New Zeal

Andorra – Turkey Prediction (2019-11-17).

Andorra – Turkey : Preview & Prediction Turkey has finally managed to compile its ticket for the next Euro. For this, the Turkish players were able to enjoy their draw against Iceland last Thursday (0-0) to ensure their place among the top two in th

Moldova – Iceland Prediction (2019-11-17).

Moldova – Iceland : Preview & Prediction Iceland has not managed to finish in the top two of this pool. However, the Icelanders had a great opportunity to restart the race for qualification last Thursday. Gylfi Sigurðsson’s teammates were on