Czech Republic – Slovakia Prediction (2018-11-19).

Czech Republic – Slovakia : Preview & Prediction Ukraine has flown over this pool of the League of Nations. Fell in the same group as the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the Ukrainians managed to get three wins in four games. A beautiful series that al

Denmark – Ireland Prediction (2018-11-19).

Denmark – Ireland : Preview & Prediction Denmark is sure to finish in first place in their League of Nations group. In realizing this performance, the Danes give themselves the right to climb in the first division. Having managed to finish in Wales

Cyprus – Norway Prediction (2018-11-19).

Cyprus – Norway : Preview & Prediction Norway has its destiny in the hands for this final day of the League of Nations. Well settled in the first position of their pool, the Norwegians are ahead of Bulgaria at goal-average. To ensure the rise in the

Bulgaria – Slovenia Prediction (2018-11-19).

Bulgaria – Slovenia : Preview & Prediction Bulgaria, despite two recent poor performances, will fight to the end with Norway (on equal points) to finish first in their group. The Bulgaria remain on 1 short setback in Norway (1-0) and 1 draw in Cypru

Liechtenstein – Armenia Prediction (2018-11-19).

Liechtenstein – Armenia : Preview & Prediction Liechtenstein, with four defeats after five games, will have a poor record in the UEFA Nations League. The group’s red lantern is posting 1 win against Gibraltar (2-0) and 1 loss to Macedonia (0-2

Georgia – Kazakhstan Prediction (2018-11-19).

Georgia – Kazakhstan : Preview & Prediction Georgia only gave up 2 points in his 5 group matches on the lawn of Andorra (1-1) on the last day, Thursday, November 15th. The Georgians thus remained on 4 victories in this competition against Latvia (1-

Andorra – Latvia Prediction (2018-11-19).

Andorra – Latvia : Preview & Prediction Andorra and Latvia share the last two places of this group composed of Georgia and Kazakhstan … The fault has a course that will end this Monday with no victory on the counter in both camps so far. Andor

Moldova – Luxembourg Prediction (2018-11-18).

Moldova – Luxembourg : Preview & Prediction Luxembourg will seek the victory in Moldova and will have to count on a misstep from Belarus to San Marino to qualify for the next round. Luxembourg, which is only 2 points from first place, missed the boa

Hungary – Finland Prediction (2018-11-18).

Hungary – Finland : Preview & Prediction Finland are already qualified before this last meeting in Hungary and could move to Budapest the flower with the rifle … The leader of this group, assured to finish first, has achieved a remarkable cour

Greece – Estonia Prediction (2018-11-18).

Greece – Estonia : Preview & Prediction Greece will not be able to qualify for the next round in this UEFA Nations League and will look to finish with a win in this competition. The Greeks will want to achieve the pass of three in Athens after two p

San Marino – Belarus Prediction (2018-11-18).

San Marino – Belarus : Preview & Prediction Belarus hopes to finish in first place in their group. Possessing two points ahead of the final day, the Belarussians are favorites to reach the extra floor. If Luxembourg face Moldova to try to put pressu

Turkey – Sweden Prediction (2018-11-17).

Turkey – Sweden : Preview & Prediction Turkey and Sweden are in trouble in their pool of the League of Nations. Indeed, while Russia is in first place, with seven points in three days, both teams are behind. It should be known that the Russians

Italy – Portugal Prediction (2018-11-17).

Italy – Portugal : Preview & Prediction Italy will be under pressure during this meeting because it must absolutely defeat Portugal and hope for a victory for Poland on the band to Ronaldo to reach the next round in the UEFA League League. Squad