Nice – Paris SG Prediction (2019-10-18).

Nice – Paris SG : Preview & Prediction Nice, 9th in Ligue 1, has won only one game (2-1 against Dijon) in the last 5 days and is in the hard at the moment. Patrick Viera’s side took just 1 point over the last three days against Lille (1-1), fa

Israel – Latvia Prediction (2019-10-15).

Israel – Latvia : Preview & Prediction Israel is not at best in these Euro-2020 qualifications. Having not won since four games, the Israelis are only penultimate place in their pool. However, they will have the opportunity to revive during the next

Faroe Islands – Malta Prediction (2019-10-15).

Faroe Islands – Malta : Preview & Prediction For the eighth day of the playoffs, the Faroe Islands and Malta will meet for a duel that promises to be intense. These teams are in the last two places of their pool. If the Faroe Islands still have not

Liechtenstein – Italy Prediction (2019-10-15).

Liechtenstein – Italy : Preview & Prediction After missing the last World Cup, Italy managed to recover quickly. Squadra Azzurra composted his ticket for the next Euro, in just seven days. Having won all their matches, Roberto Mancini’s men di

Romania – Norway Prediction (2019-10-15).

Romania – Norway : Preview & Prediction Romania and Norway are still alive in this group, but victory is important for both selections. Keseru’s partners (6 goals) are only 1 length behind Sweden, 2nd, and have 3 points ahead of their opponent

Sweden – Spain Prediction (2019-10-15).

Sweden – Spain : Preview & Prediction Sweden, 2nd with 14 points, is under threat from Romania, 3rd with 13 points, and Norway, 4th with 10 points … A defeat against Spain could be problematic for the selection of Andersson. The Swedes, since

Switzerland – Ireland Prediction (2019-10-15).

Switzerland – Ireland : Preview & Prediction Switzerland, 3rd, is 4 lengths (and one match less) of the top duo composed of Ireland and Denmark … This meeting is crucial for Switzerland who must absolutely win at the stadium in Geneva Carouge

Gibraltar – Georgia Prediction (2019-10-15).

Gibraltar – Georgia : Preview & Prediction Gibraltar should finish these eliminations with a zero on the clock as the level with the other selections of his group is too high. This modest selection suffered 5 losses in the first 5 days against Irela

Finland – Armenia Prediction (2019-10-15).

Finland – Armenia : Preview & Prediction Finland, 2nd, has the opportunity to put Armenia, 3rd, 5 lengths to two days of the end of these eliminations and eliminate in the race for qualification. The Finns will not give up, they who remain on succes

Ukraine – Portugal Prediction (2019-10-14).

Ukraine – Portugal : Preview & Prediction Ukraine, the leader of their group, only needs 1 point over the last two days to mathematically validate their participation for Euro 2020. The course of Ukraine in these qualifiers is simply remarkable with

Kosovo – Montenegro Prediction (2019-10-14).

Kosovo – Montenegro : Preview & Prediction The victory of the Czech Republic against England does not really do the business of Kosovo. While the Kosovars have a day less than the Czechs, they are now four lengths from their second place.Kosovo will

Lithuania – Serbia Prediction (2019-10-14).

Lithuania – Serbia : Preview & Prediction It would take a miracle for Serbia to get back to the top two places in the pool. While there are only three days remaining for the Serbs, they are four lengths behind Portugal and nine behind Ukraine. To gi

France – Turkey Prediction (2019-10-14).

France – Turkey : Preview & Prediction After a difficult victory in Iceland (1-0),France was able to take almost six points ahead of their opponent. In equal points with Turkey leading the group, French players could compile their ticket for the nex

Moldova – Albania Prediction (2019-10-14).

Moldova – Albania : Preview & Prediction Moldova and Albania have nothing to hope in these eliminations. These two selections will play released these last three meetings of these Qualifications. Moldova posted only 1 victory against Andorra (1-0) o

Iceland – Andorra Prediction (2019-10-14).

Iceland – Andorra : Preview & Prediction Iceland, 6 points from the first two places, must imperatively win against Andorra, penultimate group, to revive the race for qualification. Already victorious in the first leg (2-0), Iceland is in a strong p

Bulgaria – England Prediction (2019-10-14).

Bulgaria – England : Preview & Prediction England has suffered its first defeat in the qualifiers on Friday night in the Czech Republic (2-1). All started well for the English leading to a penalty of Kane (5th) before being joined and overtake late

Slovenia – Austria Prediction (2019-10-13).

Slovenia – Austria : Preview & Prediction Austria, second behind Poland, is only 2 points ahead of Slovenia, 4th, and must avoid defeat in Ljubljana on pain of having their chances of qualification questioned.Sloveniahas not said its last word but i

Poland – North Macedonia Prediction (2019-10-13).

Poland – North Macedonia : Preview & Prediction Poland could make a huge leap towards qualification in case of victory over Macedonia, 3rd and already relegated to 5 points behind at 3 days from the end of these Eliminations. The Polish selection ha

Estonia – Germany Prediction (2019-10-13).

Estonia – Germany : Preview & Prediction Estonia must keep in mind the spanking received in the first leg on June 11 at the Opel Arena in Mainz.Estonia will want to avoid reliving such a nightmare and will seek to muzzle Gnabry and Reus authors of a