Belarus – Moldova Prediction (2018-10-15).

Belarus – Moldova : Preview & Prediction Belarus has 7 points but is under threat from Luxembourg with only 1 point behind. Belorussians can take a big step towards qualification if they win in front of Moldova. At present, the record in this League

Finland – Greece Prediction (2018-10-15).

Finland – Greece : Preview & Prediction Finland easily dominates their group in the League of Nations and will play the final of their group during their double confrontation against Greece. The Finns posted 3 wins in as many games and beat Hungary

Romania – Serbia Prediction (2018-10-14).

Romania – Serbia Prediction : Preview & Prediction Romania, undefeated since November 14, 2017, faces Serbia in the second act after a parity score (2-2) in the first leg in Belgrade on September 10th. Romania is in 2nd position 2 lengths from t

Russia – Turkey Prediction (2018-10-14).

Russia – Turkey : Preview & Prediction In this Group 2 League B, the final outcome could be played this Sunday … A Russia victory over Turkey could send the host country of the last World Cup to the next round of the League of Nations. The

Poland – Italy Prediction (2018-10-14).

Poland – Italy : Preview & Prediction Poland and Italy are relegated to 5 lengths of Portugal, 1st, but these two nations will play the band Cristiano Ronaldo in the last two days of the League of Nations. So victory is crucial for these two sel

Azerbaijan – Malta Prediction (2018-10-14).

Azerbaijan – Malta : Preview & Prediction Azerbaiyán meet Malta on Sunday at 17:45 at the Baku Olympics, in the game to qualify for the fourth round of group 3 of the League of Nations D. The Azeris won this Thursday in the stronghold of the Faroe

Lithuania – Montenegro Prediction (2018-10-14).

Lithuania – Montenegro : Preview & Prediction Lituania faces a lot of difficulty in this first half of the League of Nations. After three games, the Lithuanians recorded three defeats. If they were close to catching their first point last Thursday a

Israel – Albania Prediction (2018-10-14).

Israel – Albania : Preview & Prediction It is very difficult to draw the first conclusions of this hen of the League of Nations. Composed of Scotland, Israel and Albania, all three teams have three points after two days. With two more matches to pla

Faroe Islands – Kosovo Prediction (2018-10-14).

Faroe Islands – Kosovo : Preview & Prediction The Islas Feroe meet Kosovo on Sunday at 17:00 at the Tórsvollur stadium in Torshavn as part of the fourth round of group 3 of the League of Nations D. The Faroe Islands lost on Thursday with Azerbaijan

Latvia – Kazakhstan Prediction (2018-10-13).

Latvia – Kazakhstan : Preview & Prediction Despite having only one point in their first two UNL games, Letonia still hopes to get their first goal in the UEFA Nations League (UNL) and hopes to get it against Kazakhstan, the team that is in last plac

Georgia – Andorra Prediction (2018-10-13).

Georgia – Andorra : Preview & Prediction Georgia easily dominates their group and is 4 points ahead of their direct opponent, Andorra … In other words, a success would qualify this Georgian selection to 90%. Georgia is flawless in the League o

Armenia – Gibraltar Prediction (2018-10-13).

Armenia – Gibraltar : Preview & Prediction Armenia will want to put the march forward after its defeat in Macedonia (2-0) on the 2nd day of the League of Nations … The Armenian selection has been stopped after a series of 3 games without the l

Greece – Hungary Prediction (2018-10-12).

Greece – Hungary : Preview & Prediction A few weeks after having already played in the League of Nations, Greece and Hungary find themselves for the return match. Falling in the same with Estonia and Finland, both teams will try to get a second vict