R. Federer – R. Nadal PREDICTION (29.01.2017)

R. Federer – R. Nadal PREDICTION (29.01.2017)

Federer – Nadal PREDICTON

– The wishes of the majority of viewers at the Australian Open have been achieved and the final match will clash R. Nadal and R. Federer. This is their second final of the Australian Open, the first played in 2009 when, after five uncertain sets, Nadal was better. There is no doubt that this final draw great attention to sports public spectacle but certainly will not fail.

Roger Federer

In the first, the Swiss semi-finals, Federer in five sets to win S. Wawrinka results (7: 5 6: 3 1: 6 4: 6 6: 3). As we can see, Federer could have taken the match to finish much earlier, because the leadership of (2: 0) in sets allowed him relieved a game with which he should finish off Wawrinka. However, that did not happen, because Feder began much more that is wrong, and persistent Wawrinka is easy to use to reach the settlement results.

So Federer in the fifth set was forced to re-gather all possible strength and concentration in order not to let the loss obtained sword. The pressure on the service games Wawrinka was fruitful in the sixth game of the fifth set, when Federer says decisive break which was enough for him to win. It should be noted that the statistics of the match was quite balanced, and the only parameter that stands out is a significantly higher number of unforced errors Federer (50:35).

Rafael Nadal

Nadal needed just over five hours to play in the semifinals of the Australian Open to inflict the first defeat this season G. Dimitrov result (6: 3 5: 7 7: 6 6: 7 6: 4). We saw another great match in which both players play at the maximum level in order to fight the final. Dimitrov had their chances of winning, but they failed. This is especially true in the eighth game of the fifth set when the Bulgarian was hoping the service had two related break points that was unable to convert.

It was followed by punishment, because Nadal is already in the next service game uses the first brek opportunity to benefit that brought him winning the fifth set and a passage to the finals. It is these crucial points make the difference between “good” and the “best” players. Dimitrov of the season played well, but that’s not enough to get the points that in big matches bring victory. As for the statistics of the details, we can say that Dimitrov was very successful on the parameters related to the first service, but made considerably larger number of direct points won (79:45).

R. Federer – R. Nadal TIP

In the previous 34 match each other much more successful was Nadal who has won 23 victories. The last match played in 2015 in the final of the tournament in Basel, and the victory came Federer ends (6: 3 5: 7 6: 3). Before this match, Rafa had a string of five consecutive wins over Federer, but those matches played relatively long and are not as relevant to this today’s clash. It is clear that both players have a real chance of winning, but the key moment in the finals could be the fact that Federer had an extra day to rest. Nadal will not be easy to recover from such a grueling match with Dimitrov, we have the advantage in this final decided to give the Swiss, who is in matches against Wawrinka and Nishikori showed that he still belongs to the top of world tennis.

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